Translating track titles, part 2

In my last post, I dissected the construction of a classical music piece title, and laid out the foundation of an automatic translation. I ended that post talking about some exceptions and difficulties. One of them is about the concertos:

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How to differentiate homonym artists

A common problem on platforms is that several artists can legitimately have the exact same name. In some other cases, questionable providers and artists will deliver a famous artist name to get a bigger attention from the platform audience.

These cases lead to one problem to resolve on the platform side: how to differentiate them. If they are not differentiated, the artist page and discography will be totally mixed up:

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Using fingerprint to link tracks together

You have many reasons to link to different files representing the exact same song in a music catalog:

  • You don’t want to hear it multiple times in a short amount of time
  • You want to find one song when looking for it, not a collection of the same song
  • You want to gather the related metadata for that same song (different languages, detailed artists…)
  • You want to know the actual number of different songs in the catalog, with no duplicates
  • You want to know who listened to song X, and not file X, file Y and file Z of the same song

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